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All existing and the newly admitted students should read ALL the points carefully, before applying / check-in to Hostel accommodation at the start of every academic year. In case of any doubt, get them clarified from any of the Wardens. Violation of any of the rules stating ignorance will not be accepted and will attract disciplinary action.
All pages of this document are to be signed by the Student and his / her parent(s) and submitted before room allotment. Rooms shall be allotted on production of receipt of hostel and mess fee paid.
Hostel accommodation is not a matter of right of the student and allotment shall be made subject to availability of suitable space, based on adherence of rules contained in this document.
Provision of hostel accommodation at the time of admission doesn’t ensure its continuation in the subsequent years. The student has to apply every year for re-allotment of hostel accommodation in the prefixed Performa. Re–allotment shall be on the basis of academic performance and other conditions as specified by the concerned authority.

• Hostel Residents are expected to display acceptable form of behaviour and maintain discipline and decorum everywhere in general in and around the hostel complex in particular at all times.
• Ragging is considered as punishable offence as per F.No. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 regulations. Students should abstain from committing ragging or such offences as no leniency will be shown to any student found guilty. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited, if someone found guilty, severe action will be taken.
• Possession, distribution and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, prohibited drugs, any form of narcotics, chewable tobacco, gambling in hostel and in the University premises is a serious offence and is strictly prohibited. Student should not consume alcohol outside and enter into the campus. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hostel and Academic campus. Non-compliance shall lead to strict disciplinary action and legal authorities shall be informed of violations (This shall apply to visitors also).
• Walking on the Planted areas/ Landscape areas and the plucking of flowers /branches of the plants is prohibited
• Trespassing from Boys hostel to Girls hostel and vice versa is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulters.
• Every care should be taken to maintain the hostel rooms and premises neat and clean. The students should not use pens, pencils, sketches, water colours or any other materials to draw images on the walls / floors. Any student, if found guilty, shall be penalised. The students need to keep the rooms, corridors, Cupboards, Furniture and other common places clean.
• Scribbling/Scratching on the walls, breaking, touching the CCTV cameras and damaging property of the Hostel/Institute will be viewed seriously and shall invite disciplinary action against the violators/defaulters.
• . Decent dress code is to be maintained in the hostel premises.
• The hostels shall maintain silence hours from 12.00 midnight to 6.00 am. Enough care should be taken to ensure music / loud talks are not audible outside the room.
• Any kind of celebrations in the hostel should last by 9.30 pm.
• Students of the allotted rooms shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their respective rooms and the space/corridor outside including furniture.
• Students should enter and leave the hostel buildings only through designated paths/entrances in the campus.
• Students should handle hostel equipments, furniture and mess property carefully and should not damage it. Defaulters shall be fined by the hostel management.
• No student shall use the service of a hostel housekeeping person for any kind of work.
• Students will not enter into rooms of other students without permission of the room inmates.
• Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the hostel authorities.
• No function or celebration shall be organized at hostel premises without the permission of the Warden.
• . Students suffering from contagious disease will not be permitted to stay at hostel. Decision of the Warden in this regard will be final.
• All matters relating to differences among students and complaints against theft shall be brought to the notice of the hostel management. No police complaint shall be lodged by the student before taking prior permission from the hostel management/Authorities.
• Student’s acts such as using abusive and threatening language, physical fights, use of force to get unfair act accomplished, etc. are punishable. Further, the students are liable to be expelled from the hostel/ Institute.
• Playing loud music to cause disturbance to his/her neighbour(s) is prohibited. Defaulters will be punished. Such Repeated acts will attract severe disciplinary action.
• No student shall bring or store any firearm, ammunition, explosive and inflammable materials in the premises of the hostel.
• As the capacities of the hostel electrical systems are limited, overloading them can result in trip down of wings main power supply or may result in fire hazards. Additionally, there are certain types of electrical appliances that are dangerous in residence hostel rooms. The following guidelines govern the use of electrical appliances, outlets and extension cords in your rooms: (i) Electrical appliances with an exposed heating element are prohibited. (ii) Resident-owned water heaters, iron-boxes, induction plate, fans, air conditioners/heaters are not permitted. (iii) Other appliances such as radios, stereos, desk lamps, and computers are permitted, provided the total power requirements do not overload the room’s electrical system. (iv) Only properly grounded extension cords may be used with appliances that require grounding. (v) All electrical equipment and cords must be maintained in safe operating condition. In the event of loss of any personal property of a resident due to electrical short circuit or fire, the Hostel Management is not responsible. Students will be required to pay twice the charges for the repair to property that is found to have been wilfully damaged.
• Students are not allowed to take common room’s newspapers/magazines to their room at any time.
• Students during their stay in the hostel will be governed by the Hostel and Mess Rules & Regulations.
• Hostel accommodation (room) can be changed by the management if they found the same is necessary at any point of time.

• Residents are not permitted to leave the hostel complex before 6.00 AM in the morning and after 8.00 PM in the Night without prior permissions from the concerned Authorities. Students shall be permitted into the respective hostel complex for three consecutive delays/late entries in a Semester and thereafter the student will be penalised for Rs……. and also he/she has to be accompanied by their Parents to pay the penalty. If the student is been found delayed/late as per the hostel timings after four times in a semester he/she will be expelled from the hostel premises.
• In cases where the residents anticipate late entry (e.g. If student need to go to the city bus stand or railway station or for any other reason beyond their control), they have to seek prior consent and written permission of the respective Warden /Assistant Warden(s).
• All the students should take prior approval from the Warden/ Assistant Wardens before leaving for their homes or to any field visit/tour/meet etc. violation of this rule will lead to disciplinary action and appropriative fine shall be imposed at the discretion of the Warden committee.
• Late entry to the hostel due to Institutional functions, academic commitments , (scheduled exams, late hour classes, submissions etc.,) may be considered on the basis of written application citing Institutional functions / academic reasons as reason of delay such reasons need to be validated by the concerned HoD / Studio Coordinator/ Subject Teacher / warden. All applications should be submitted within 24 hours of the late entry.
• No resident is allowed to change the room allotted to them without prior permission of the hostel authorities. Anyone found changing rooms or residing in other rooms is liable to be expelled from the hostel.
• Social gatherings in the hostel complex are permitted only with the written consent of Warden/ Assistant Warden(s).
• Staying out of Hostel: If students need to stay out of the hostel for any period of time, or need to leave for personal reasons, they have to take prior written permission in prescribed format available in Departments/ Hostel, and get approved from respective course coordinator/ HoD/ Warden and Assistant Warden(s). Staying out of the hostel without permission may attract strict disciplinary action.
• Vandalism is a serious offence and anyone found guilty of committing or resorting to such acts can be fined and / or expelled from the hostel.
• Any unacceptable behaviour by any room-mate, the other room-mate must report it to the Warden/Assistant Warden at the earliest.
• Students are not allowed to stay in the hostels during working hours (School Working Days) the prior permission of the Warden/ Assistant Warden need to be obtained
• Misbehaving with the security personnel or hostel resident caretakers will be considered equivalent to vandalism.

• The hostel management reserves the right to carry out spot-checks of the hostels and the rooms anytime without giving prior notice to the Hostel Residents.
• Hostel Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms’ and the common areas clean and tidy at all times. All fans, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.
• Cooking is not permitted in the hostel rooms. Electrical Appliances found in the rooms will be confiscated.
• Common hostel furniture provided to the Residents of the School must not be moved without the permission of the Warden/ Assistant Warden(s).
• Any damage to the hostel property must be reported immediately to the Warden/Assistant Warden(s). For any damage to the hostel property in a room, the cost of repair / replacement is to be borne by all the occupants of that room or corridor.
• Sticking posters, writings, wall chalking, wall painting, writing slogans of any kind or defacing the hostel complex in any form is totally banned. Any disfigurement of the common areas such as bathrooms, staircase, common room, dining spaces etc., cost of repair / re-paint shall be borne by the occupants of that room or corridor, as per the decision of the Warden/ Assistant Warden(s).
• Electricians, Carpenters or any other room service personnel may enter the hostel complex and / or the rooms as and when necessary in the course of their duty under the directive of the Caretaker, or with prior permission from Warden/Assistant Warden(s). However, every effort will be made to respect the privacy and dignity of the Residents.
• The hostel management reserves the right to move the Residents to other blocks/units or other room, if such a need arises, from time to time.
• For any day to day damage/technical fault observed by students in common areas, toilets, rooms etc., the same needs to be to be reported to the Hostel caretaker for necessary action, with proper entry made in the Grievances’ Register.
• For any major repair work required, Residents are required to approach the Warden.
• Student/s shall take prior permission of the Warden for celebrating any festivals and birthdays. Events should be held in the common place between 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm. There shouldn’t be any discomfort to other students. No guests or others are allowed inside
• No guests are allowed inside without the permission of the Warden.
• Students have to use water and electricity judiciously. If fan, tube lights, etc., found on in the absence of the students in their rooms, fine shall be charged by hostel authorities.
• Garbage and wastage shall be put in garbage box available nearby hostel premises.
• All the fittings in the washrooms of the respective floors should be handled carefully. If there is any breakage due to manhandling, it will be the responsibility of the inmates residing in the respective floors and appropriative action will be taken if found breakage is due to manhandling.

• Hostel Residents are solely responsible for all their personal and valuable belongings. They are expected to keep their valuables under their own supervision or under lock and key, whenever they move out of their rooms. In case of loss of any such belongings whatsoever, the School will not be responsible and no claim will be entertained in this regard.
• At the end of the academic year, the Residents are supposed to vacate their rooms for maintenance works, following Notices will be released in this regard from time to time. While vacating, all personal belongings to be taken back.

a) Visitors, including parents are allowed only in the visitor’s area of the hostel complex during the visiting hours as below:
b) For Boys Hostel:
Weekdays (Monday – Friday) – 8.00 AM t0 9.00 AM & 4.30 PM to 7.00PM
Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and Declared Holidays – 9.00 AM to 6.00PM
c) For Girls Hostel:
i. Weekdays (Monday – Friday) – 8.00 AM t0 9.00 AM & 4.30 PM to 7.00PM
ii. Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and Declared Holidays – 9.00 AM to 6.00PM
d) All visitors must first make an entry in the register at the Security cabin and provide all details and documents as requested by the Security personnel before entering the visitor’s area of the hostel complex.
e) All visitors must strictly adhere to the timings and leave the hostel complex as per the visiting hours given in item “a”.
f) Hostel Residents are not permitted to allow visitors of the opposite gender into the rooms at any time for any reason whatsoever. Any hostel resident found violating this rule will be expelled from the hostel and will also be liable for disciplinary action.
g) Day-Scholars/ Non-residents are prohibited from entering the hostel without the prior permission of the Warden.
h) Non-compliance of (d) and (e) above shall lead to fines / penalty and / or expulsion from Hostel.
i) Visitors (parents/guardians) for a girl/boy (who are residents of BLCMCRI may be permitted to stay in the hostel room through prior permission on requisition from Warden. The permission duration would be obtained for maximum of one – two days in a semester depending on the situation.
j) Students should not keep any unauthorized property/unauthorized guests in his/her room.

• Availing Mess facility is mandatory for all Residents admitted into the hostel.
• A lump-sum amount equal to the chargeable amount for the entire Academic year, excluding declared vacation (salaries for the cooks has to be paid in the vacation also) shall be paid as deposit during start of semester as Mess advance, which shall be adjusted against the Monthly Mess bills, generated at the end of every month. Students who fail to pay the deposit amount will not be eligible for hostel admission.
• Refund, if any, shall be carried forward as advance to the next Academic session at the end of the semester. In the case of Residents in their Final year of study, refund, if any, will be done by the Accounts Dept.
• Refund is not applicable in cases where a Resident skips the mess for part-day.
• In case of Study tours, equal to or more than five days approved through respective HoD’s and Warden/Assistant Warden for a Resident, refund (excluding 20% of per day cost towards operating cost) in the mess bill will be considered, provided prior notice is given.
• In case of illness due to which a Hostel Resident does not avail Mess facility for more than two days, the Hostel Resident should inform the Hostel Warden within one day of occurrence of illness. However, the refund (excluding 20% of per day cost towards
• operating cost) will be given by the Accounts dept. on production of a Medical Certificate issued by the campus Attendant Doctor.
• All Hostel Residents will be issued Mess membership card which needs to be shown on demand to the authorized person of the mess.
• No Resident is permitted to take the Mess utensils/plates outside the hostel dining hall. If anyone is found taking the utensils/plates outside the mess or in their rooms, he/she is liable to be penalised by the hostel authority.
• Guests/visitors of Hostel Residents can be provided with food by Mess against coupons purchased in advance in the Dining hall only.
• Mess Menu is as decided based on the Students proposal and is thus done duly considering the culinary priorities of various regions.

• Hostelites can terminate the hostel tenancy by giving at least one month’s written notice. Failure to give one month’s advance notice will result in forfeiture of one month’s rent.
• The hostel management can end this tenancy at any time if:
i. The hostelite fails to pay the hostel and mess fee within fifteen days of the start of the semester.
ii.If the hostelite fails to comply with the terms of this tenancy.
• Admission in the hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right.


• Hostelites are required to carry their hostel card at all times in the compound of the hostel complex and produce it on demand by the hostel authorities.
• Hostelites are advised to lock all doors for security reason at all the times. The hostel management is not responsible for any loss of private property.
• Hostelites are strongly advised to lock all your valuable e.g. mobile phones, laptop, watches, money, jewellery etc. at all times.
• Any hostelite who find his/her room-mate missing for more than 24 hours, must report to the warden/caretaker immediately. This is to enable the hostel authorities to take immediate action if any untoward incident. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
• Possessions, distribution and use of fire-arms, lethal weapons including air gun, contraband drugs, alcohol, toxic and hazardous material are strictly prohibited in the hostel. Keeping electric appliances such as T.V, electric heater, iron box, cookers, oven etc in the rooms is also prohibited.
• Pets are not allowed in the hostel complex.

• In case of any emergency, please contact the Care takers, Assistant wardens staying in the hostel premises or call authorities. Important telephone numbers are provided and displayed in hostel premises.
• The hostel management reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations from time to time and will keep the hostellers informed of any changes in the form of notices on the hostel notice boards.
• Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Note: Students violating the above said rules shall attract disciplinary action, which may also include heavy fine and expulsion from the Hostel.

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